Tips For Editing Camera Raw Files In Adobe Lightroom

Tips For Editing Camera Raw Files In Adobe Lightroom tasveerbook

Tips For Editing Camera Raw Files In Adobe Lightroom

Add white balance

When you click on the white balance option, there is a list of white balance options like sunlight, clouds, tungsten and more. You can use one of the options to adjust the white balance of your green image or try the best options in the list.

Color and Tone Correction

Adjust the color balance in the photos. Clarity, vibration, hue, saturation, tone curve etc. are some of the Lightroom options to adjust the color and tone of the images. Vibrate slide is used to control the spread but does not exceed skin colors.

Adjust the display

The green image may be overly explicit or may not be fully displayed. Use the display slide to increase or decrease the display values.

Improve details

Use the fill tool to recover lost information from an image in a green file.

The amount of light captured by the green image is higher than the standard jpeg image. Adjust the values ​​on the highlighted slide to get details from the raw image in Lightroom.

Vignette effect

Lightroom has a post crop vignetting feature that can be used to add effects to a cropped image.

If you have a lot of great things in your photos then choose Highlight Priority effect. Choose a color value effect to save color hues in your green image. Choose the Paint Overlay option to combine black and white colors with real colors for your green image.

(Tips For Editing Camera Raw Files In Adobe Lightroom)

Cereal effect

Apply film grain style to your green photos to create a grain effect. By displaying part of the image, add the effect of the grain to the rest of the image with a value as high as the value of the grain. You can control the size, value, and size of the characters. To get a blurry image, increase the grain size to more than 25%.

Dehaze the result

There are times when weather conditions can lead to a bad image of smoke or fog. To adjust the size or adjustment, apply the dehaze effect. Once you have made the necessary changes to the image by adjusting the color, brightness, etc., select the “Dehaze” options in the results panel.

Radial Filter

To focus on people or objects in pictures, you can use a radial filter. After selecting the radial filter from the toolbar, you need to select the focus area. The filter gives you the option to apply the conversion in or out of the circles you have drawn.

While working on photography services projects, you can add a scattering filter to photos to bring more things to focus.

Paint with Adjustment brush

Lightroom gives you the freedom to paint a landscape like light, counting, saturation, clarity and more. This feature allows you to paint in parts of the photos as per your choice.

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