Quick Diwali Photography Tips for Everyone

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Adjust the colour

While shooting in low-light conditions, adjust the white balance depending upon the picture you are taking. For Diwali, warmer tone works most of the time and hence it’s recommended to use white balance setting in daylight mode at or above 6200K.

Adjust the exposure, by keeping Shutter speed and ISO settings in check. There’s already plenty of light around you, so make sure to keep the ISO to minimum or at max at 400 if required. Most smartphones give the option to adjust the exposure settings manually.

Keep your smartphone away from direct heat of Diya, candles and crackers

It’s important to keep yourself as well as your smartphone safe from firecrackers and other burning objects such as diyas and candles while clicking pictures. Do not take your smartphone too close to the source as heat can damage the camera sensor and lens.

Keep your hands stable

Most of the Diwali photography happens in the evening which means low-light. For clicking good images in low-light, it’s important that your hands are stable. Most smartphones today come with either electronic image stabilization (EIS) or optical image stabilization (OIS), but still one can get better results if the camera is stable.

Avoid zoom

Digital zoom is the one of the biggest enemies of smartphone photos, as it reduces the overall resolution of the image along with the quality. Try not to zoom while shooting, in case need be then crop it later while editing.

Adjust the speed of light

This can especially come handy while capturing fireworks. As fireworks need quick response time, you may not get too much time to adjust your camera’s settings. So, a relatively slow shutter speed may help in getting better-looking light trail effect. 

Use auto-timer

Using the auto-timer functionality may give you the advantage of clicking picture without shaking. It can also be useful while taking group photos with your friends and family.

Low light photography

Most of the Diwali photography generally happens in the evening, in other words, shooting in low light. Low light photography is a bit tricky as you have to keep your hand super stable. Smartphones do have either electronic image stabilisation or optical image stabilisation but one can get even better results if the camera is stable. A tripod or stand can help your achieve that stability.

Avoid using flash while capturing firecrackers

Using flashlight while shooting fireworks will result in hazy and blurry image because the smartphone flash will light up the moisture and smog (more so if you’re in NCR) from our surroundings.

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