Christmas Lights & Couples

Christmas Lights & Couples - tasveerbook
Photo by Yoab Anderson on Unsplash

For a brand new family of two — the first Christmas card is kind of a big deal. We love this romantic, yet totally festive approach to a couples shoot. A simple prop like Christmas lights can go a long way in photos. Just be sure you have a way to plug them in so that their colors glow.

Snow kisses

Playful activities always make for the best photos. We love this before and after photo. You can use real snow, fake snow or even some sort of confetti to recreate this picture. Don’t forget the festive background!

A No Humans Approach

a-no-humans-approach-christmas-card - tasveerbook
Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

Perhaps your furry little family member is the baby of the house. If you’d rather show your friends and family the little fella on your Christmas cards this year — go for it! We love the airy lighting in this photo and the bit of sparkle in the background! Just add an ornament and you’re good to go.

Getting cozy under a blanket

Getting cozy under a blanket tasveerbook
Photo by Rebecca Campbell on Unsplash

Give your Christmas cards that cozy feel by taking your family photo under one cozy blanket in the outdoors. If you have a family quilt, this is a great time to use it. Otherwise, go for colors that pop like this red one.

Modern Simplicity

Modern Simplicity - tasveerbook
Photo by Zahra Iqbal on Unsplash

Who says you have to stick with the Christmas theme? Nobody. If your family vibes more with a simple modern feel than stick with that. A great approach to modern family photos has a color or pattern scheme, without strict matching items. For example, this family chose a casual plaid theme creating a family photo that feels put together without feeling stuffy and even has a pop of color. A simple backdrop like this one adds to the modern feel.

Ornaments & Babes

Ornaments & Babes tasveerbook
Photo by Mike Arney on Unsplash

Pretty much any photo that includes a Christmas tree and ornaments qualifies as a Christmas photo. Taking an action shot near a try that captures your family bonding will make for a lovely Christmas card. If you’re keeping a low profile this year and social distancing, this option is great since you can do it yourself at home just about any time.

The Christmas Gift

A simple and adorable Christmas photo. Put your little one in a small red box and don’t forget the Santa hat! The lit up Christmas tree in the background is really key to making this photo so magical.

Every day captured

Who says you have to go somewhere special to get the perfect Christmas family photo? You don’t. Capturing your family simply enjoying joyful moments together is more than enough. We love the idea of capturing a family dance party for the Christmas family photo. Might be one of our favorite Christmas card photo ideas yet!

Back-Facing Family Photo

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

This Christmas card photo idea is ideal for families that don’t particularly love being in front of the camera. It allows the photo to capture the whole family in its loving glory without having to force any uncomfortable poses or jump through any hoops. This may be the simplest idea of them all, but it certainly does deliver. Don’t forget to include the dog!

The Family Dog

The Family Dog tasveerbook
Photo by CDC on Unsplash

There’s something truly special about the bond between a little babe and the family pup. The two babies in the family. Something as simple as posing the two alongside the Christmas tree makes for a very magical photo. Add a cozy blanket and candle for good measure.

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