Tips For Editing Camera Raw Files In Adobe Lightroom tasveerbook
Tips For Editing Camera Raw Files In Adobe Lightroom Add white balance When you click on the white balance option, there is a list of white balance options like sunlight, clouds, tungsten and more. You can use one of the options to adjust the white balance of your green image or try the best options […]
Tips For Taking Better Photos tasveerbook
Come closer Tips For Taking Better Photos : It was the famous photographer Robert Capa who once said, “If your photos aren’t enough, you’re not close enough.” He was talking about getting in the middle of the action. If you feel that your photos are ‘not popping up’, take a step or two closer to […]
Best 360 Product Photography Software_ Essential Tool To Boost Your Product Sale Ratio tasveerbook
Nowadays, 360-degree product photography software is preferred by many e-commerce sites as their marketing tool. It enables online marketing sites to expand the authenticity of their product in front of an audience. It is like a useful catalyst that helps your marketing in communicating prospects. However, it plays an important role in product engagement, especially […]
7 Tips to Help You Hire a Wedding Photographer tasveerbook
You can hire a professional photographer if you want to plan a wedding, event or birthday party. Since wedding photographers are not required to obtain licenses or follow any regulations, there is no guarantee that they will meet expectations. Therefore, we will share with you tips that can help you hire the best photographer to […]
Tips to Help You Purchase a Digital Camera tasveerbook
Before investing in a digital camera, make sure you follow the checklist. This will help you to plan your needs and wants. Before investing in a camera, don’t forget to do your homework. You can choose from many models. Since digital cameras vary in price and many other factors, making this decision can be confusing. […]
How Do I Adjust My Camera For Portrait Photography? tasveerbook
Soon you will take length photos. You’ve already figured out the concept of photo time. Only the technical part is not yet fully developed. In this article, I will discuss how to set up your camera for manual Photography. That way you will know exactly what settings you can use the best. 1. The hole […]
How Do I Get a Good Picture of the Whole Family tasveerbook
Making a good family photo is not so easy. Before you look at the whole family, the first family members are already impatient. And then, of course, and you want the family photo to look original. The tips below will help you create the right family image that will hang on everyone’s wall for years […]
5 Most Famous Photographers - tasveerbook
 Steve McCurry Steve McCurry is an American photographer and photojournalist. His most famous photograph is of the “Afghan Girl”. The picture of the green-eyed girl was on the cover of the National Geographic magazine. McCurry has completed several assignments for National Geographic. He has been a member of Magnum since 1986. McCurry also received several awards. These include […]
Christmas Lights & Couples For a brand new family of two — the first Christmas card is kind of a big deal. We love this romantic, yet totally festive approach to a couples shoot. A simple prop like Christmas lights can go a long way in photos. Just be sure you have a way to […]
The best books on photography will help you improve your skills, give you a fresh perspective on how to approach a shoot, and provide a burst of inspiration and ideas for new projects. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an experienced pro or a total novice: there are always new things you can learn about taking pictures. […]
DSLR PHOTOGRAPHY - tasveerbook
Manual focus Sometimes the IQ of the Camera fails to decide the exact point to focus. To adjust this turn the manual focusing switch ON and rotate the focus rings until you get it right. Also, it’s a faster way to get the focus spot on. Most Kit-lenses either have a slow focusing mechanism or […]
Photographing Women-tasveerbook
Photographing Women can be a difficult and daunting task.  As a wedding, engagement, and boudoir photographer, one of the most challenging (and rewarding!) parts of my job is guaranteeing that the women I photograph feel beautiful, confident, and sexy.  As a woman myself, I can relate to the feelings and concerns many women share with […]
Photography tips tasveerbook
Adjust the colour While shooting in low-light conditions, adjust the white balance depending upon the picture you are taking. For Diwali, warmer tone works most of the time and hence it’s recommended to use white balance setting in daylight mode at or above 6200K. Adjust the exposure, by keeping Shutter speed and ISO settings in […]
Best DSLR Camera for Photography - tasveerbook
It’s also complicated by the fact that, while DSLR Camera are renowned for their flexibility and image quality, there are now a series of cameras that offer similar (and potentially greater) capabilities that are also worth considering. So, while this roundup will focus on DSLRs (cameras with a mirror that redirects the image from the […]
Are you interested in creative photography, so do not miss reading this blog. This blog will help you in enhancing your creativity level. The tips are as follow: Try Some Motion Blur: You can get motion blur in a number of ways. As for me, motion blur is freezing the motion in the shot. Take […]
top 10 mobile camera lens - tasveerbook
1. TEQNEQ Adjustable Ultra HD Zoom Telescope 8X Camera Lens It’s very convenient and it can fit in your pocket as you can bring the lens to anywhere and anytime. It simply snap the scope on your phone camera and it will give high resolution close up pics. Using this telephoto lens for taking photo […]
WHAT IS COVID-19? CORONA VIRUS (COVID-19) disease is an dangerous disease caused by a newly discovered corona virus. Most people infected with COVID-19 virus had experienced little problem in moderate respiratory illness and recover without requiring special treatment.  Older people, and those with underlying medical problems like Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes, Chronic Respiratory Disease and Cancer […]
Tips for Low Light Photography Increase ISO Settings Use Slower Shutter Speeds Adjust the Aperture Reduce Camera Shake Use a Faster Lens Shoot in RAW Experiment and Practice Use Flash How to Click Low Light Photography Dark Photography refers to photo with dark color and tones. If you want to capture dark photos then you […]
Tip #1 Clean the Lens before taking the Click In these Tips, Smartphones is our go-to device, isn’t it? We not only carry our smartphones in pocket or bag but also randomly place it over the coffee table or maybe on the floor or any surface for that matter without realizing that, the dust and […]
1. Use the Rule of Thirds #1 In this tips we have use the rule of thirds, imagine four lines, two lying horizontally across the image and two vertical creating nine even squares. Some images will look best with the focal point in the center square, but placing the subject off-center at one of the […]
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